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Customer Care

Customer Care

Useful information for travelling around Oslo

Tourist information office near the main station (Trafikanten)
Jernbanetorget 1 - Oslo
Tel: 815 30 555

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 07.00 am - 20.00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 08.00 am- 18.00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 08.00 am- 20.00 pm (May-September)

Tourist information office near the Town Hall (Radhuset)

Fridtjof Nansens plass 5, Oslo 

Opening hours:
January-March: Monday-Friday: 09.00 am-16.00 pm
April-May: Monday-Saturday 09.00 am-17.00 pm
June-August: Monday-Sunday: 09.00 am- 19.00 pm
September:  Monday-Saturday 09.00 am- 17.00 pm
October-December: Monday-Friday 09.00 am- 16.00 pm

The Oslo Pass is available at any city tourist offices, where it is also possible to change currency.

The official currency in use is the Norwegian crown (NOK), corresponding to 0,12 euro. 1 Euro= 8 NOK.
Post offices, banks and tourist offices accept all main foreign currencies. Try to avoid the automatic machines for current exchange, as the exchange fees are very high, up to 25%!
Credit card are widely used and accepted.

Opening times of shops and commercial centres:
The majority of shops observe the following operative hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday : from 9.00 am to 16.00/17.00 pm.
Thursday : from 9.00 am to 18.00/20.00 pm
Saturday : from 9.00/10.00 am to 13.00/15.00 pm

International code

Documents required
Identity card for European citizens.

Emergency numbers
112 Police
110 Firemen
113 Ambulance

Other useful numbers:
Info on local transports in Oslo and in the Akershus region : Trafikanten Tel 177 (if you call from Oslo), or 815 00176
Info on railway transports - NSB Tel 815 00 888
Info on buses in Norway - Nor-Way Bussekspress Tel 820 21 300 

National University Hospital
Pilestredet 32- Oslo
Tel: 22 8867010

Volvat Medical Centre
Borgenveien 2 A Tel: 22 957500

Time zone:
+1 GMT

Weights and measures:
The metric system is the official system in force in Norway, which is used to measure all weights, distances, sizes (meter, kilogram, litre)

Public holidays
Norwegian festivities follow the Christian calendar:
1st January
Good Friday, Easter and Easter Monday
1st May: Labour Day
17th May: Feast of the Constitution
Ascension and Pentecost: dates vary each year
15th August: Assumption of the Virgin
1st November
8th December: Immaculate conception
25th and 26th December

The official national language is Norwegian, English is spoken everywhere

Alcohol drinks
Norwegian regulation on alcohol consumption is very rigid. The price of spirits is rather high, and underaged people are not allowed to purchase alcohol. Some night clubs observe a strict regulation concerning the admission of young people, requiring a minimum age between 18 and 25 years.